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Luxury & exotic vehicle rentals across the USA! Rent Viper, Corvette, Ferrari, BMW, Mercedes, Jaguar, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Audi, Cadillac, Mercedes-Benz and Volvo!

December 5, 2008

Yes, Yes... Coming Soon!

The News Room has been undergoing some structural changes and reopens later this week with a nifty format offering YouTube videos and ambient music. Until then, allow 44lb. Princess Chunky here to comfort you. Of course, you better offer him (Princess Chunky is a boy kitty!) a 12-piece chicken dinner with all the fixings and two desserts. Princess Chunky isn't easy to woo.








Sunday, March 23rd 2008

Happy Easter!

If you don't own a cute method of transportation like these two communist hippies, then you don't deserve to celebrate Easter! Well ok, that's a bit extreme, so we'll just wish a happy Easter to everyone out there with normal modes of transportation.

As a reminder, you MUST be able to stand a hard-boiled egg up in a vertical alignment before it is safe to eat. We heard that somewhere and it may or may not be true.








Sunday, March 23rd 2008

Saleen's Sleek New Baby!

Saleen has just revealed their new S5S Raptor Concept at the New York Auto Show and the damn thing has floored everyone. Just look at it! The most amazing fact is that Saleen is not a huge company, but they're still able to tune lots of $50,000+ Ford Mustangs while manufacturing their super-exotic car: the $580,000 S7 Twin-Turbo.

Saleen promises the S5 (the retail name) will be produced if the public finds it interesting. Well, you don't need Sherlock Holmes to figure out if that's the case.

Saleen claims the S5 should do 0-60 runs in about 3.2 seconds, all for just $185,000. Not a bad deal and on a grander scale, Saleen is kind-of-sort-of turning into America's very own version of Italy's hometown hero, Ferrari... Slowly but surely, they're expanding and building more of their own exotic automobiles right here in the USA!








Sunday, March 23rd 2008

Who's That Handsome Bird?

We at autothing have seen this happen with Yellow Goldfinches here in the suburbs of Chicago... One of our five Ford Mustangs (the 2006 black one) was parked out front and a finch was grabbing onto the antenna, flying down and around to the passenger-side mirror, and then back to the antenna for a quick respite. The little bird did this quite a few times and all without doing 'you know what' on the car.








Sunday, March 23rd 2008

Of COURSE Another One Is Coming

Paul Walker and Vin Diesel are supposedly signed-on to star in the next Fast and Furious movie, as they (A) have little or no chance of getting better scripts or (B) they just want money and the producers are taking out sub-prime mortgages to pay them.

We actually thought part three was awesome, so The Fast and the Furious 4 better not disappoint, but really that's not possible; word has it that the Nissan GT-R will be making a lead-footed appearance in the upcoming sequel. We expect Chevy and Dodge will follow suit to help place their own new muscle cars in the limelight.








Friday, March 21st 2008

Subliminal Message Or Lousy Upkeep?

Remember how cigarette manufacturers got sued and were forced to pay hundreds of millions of dollars (which the lawyers all took) for false advertising and attracting minors with cartoon characters to the likes of Camel Joe?

Well, Hillsdale Shopping Center is secretly pushing drugs and wants you to try LSD! Yes, it's obvious what their intentions are and only some foolios would think this is an innocent case of burned-out lights. The graffiti adds such a classy touch too.








Friday, March 21st 2008

An Interesting New Coupe

Hyundai's Tiburon is probably going to bite the dust once the new Genesis Coupe hits showroom floors, as it's much cleaner looking and predictably will sell better for that reason alone. Hyundai is kind of like a dark horse in the automotive industry; many people are simply unaware how nice their cars are compared to Toyota and Honda vehicles. You can actually get a Lexus finish for a Toyota price with these babies.








Friday, March 21st 2008

Don't Try This At Home

Yes, this takes some sort of talent, we guess, so kudos to these folks for trying and succeeding. Of course, what the hell else is there to do in the desert? They should be balancing locomotives and camels if you ask us; they've got time to learn this stuff!








Thursday, March 20th 2008

It's Baaaack... Sort Of

Volvo can kiss our you-know-what with their new C30 R-Design. First they go and kill the entire R-Design line-up of vehicles (granted there was only the S60R and earlier V70R, but still!) and now they have the nerve to bring it back with very little effort.

The C30 R-Design is limited to 400 units and you basically get a different front fascia, some R-Design emblems and two-tone seats. Wow, Volvo! You've stunned us with your overwhelming attention to details. Don't even ask about R-related performance -- they didn't touch anything remotely related to horsepower. Ugh, so sad.








Thursday, March 20th 2008

Not Your Usual Doggie Bag

It's amazing what Futurists back in the 1960s thought would be a great idea. We're still wondering why an entire home can't have a cleaning system like a dishwasher. Seriously, can't all the geniuses out there make it happen?








Thursday, March 20th 2008

Diamonds Are Aston's Best Friend

An Aston Martin DBS in metallic black loses lots of style points because you simply cannot see the design very well! However, this car has the SEXIEST taillight set-up of ANY car manufactured. Ever. Just take a look at the rear of this car:

The metallic black works very well for our example here, because you can see those gorgeous diamond-inspired taillights and heck, even the center brake light has been iced-out for maximum effect. Combine the slender, semi-brushed aluminum accent stripe with the carbon fiber rear diffuser and you've got one luxurious yet exotic rear end. Shake that money maker, Aston, shake it!








Tuesday, March 18th 2008

Just Another Mustang, Move Along Now

We love Ford Mustangs, but there are so many editions now that we're just posting them until the next one arrives (usually 10-15 minutes later, it seems!)

Here's yet ANOTHER Saleen Mustang: the Gurney Signature Edition. First Saleen trots out the orange Parnelli Jones Edition and now one dedicated to Dan Gurney. We have to admit that Saleen does it right, as each former racecar driver autographs the dashboard of their respective self-named vehicle, so you get some neat heritage for the high premium that Saleen vehicles demand. The 464hp engine doesn't hurt either.








Tuesday, March 18th 2008

Art Imitates Life

Our headline summarized this photo nicely. Oh yeah, the guy being arrested is such an idiot for getting that tattoo.








Tuesday, March 18th 2008

Get Out Those Sunglasses...

BMW's M3 Convertible is making its return this year and it's ready to attract the attention of speed demons everywhere. With about 414 horsepower, it's quite the swift two-door and the best part is the hard-top (especially for those who hate soft-tops with all the problems they entail). While you do NOT get the light, carbon fiber roof that the coupe version gets, you get the freedom of a convertible and quite frankly, we'll take that over carbon fiber any day of the week.

One slight thing we noticed is how unattractive the body gets with the top up... We didn't notice this on other BMW 335Ci's as seen at our local Patrick BMW dealership, so we believe that white is a really bad color for this car, as it makes the gaps between body panels extremely obvious, no? Here, compare the convertible and coupe:

We'll admit the coupe photo wasn't enhanced as much for sharpness, but the lack of those extra roofline (and trunk area) panels on the coupe makes it much sleeker looking versus the convertible model, so stick with BMW's metallic paint colors should you be in the market for the latter.








Saturday, March 15th 2008

It Happens Every Four Years

Yes, here we go again... Just when everybody was almost done scraping off their wonderful assortment of  The Spin Stops Here, Bush/Cheney-2004, and Nader for President bumper stickers, we've got to make room for Obama, Hillary and McCain bumper stickers! Oh joy. Please keep in mind that when you put a sticker on your car and it offends some morons out there who don't understand the concept that is freedom of speech, you may find a long scratch down the exterior of your driver-side door. Always park near a video camera if you want to be political via your automobile.

Note: The so-called bumper sticker pictured is definitely an original idea, but didn't they forget something? You guessed it: C-H-A-N-G-E.








Thursday, March 13th 2008

Excessive? You Be The Judge

We're not sure if they even have regulations about handle bar heights, but if they do, your typical state trooper is SO not going to let this guy off the hook.








Friday, March 7th 2008

This Is A SIMPLE Car

Many people can't comprehend what a billion dollars looks like and on a much smaller scale, most of us don't understand how much organization it takes just to put a tiny car together. Let's face it, this car is nowhere near as technologically advanced as a new Mercedes-Benz, but it's still impressive to think that each of the parts shown requires a separate manufacturing step before the car is even assembled.








Tuesday, March 4th 2008

Another Reason To Stay Home is based in the suburbs of Chicago, so we are definitely happy to avoid the ice storms that you visitors in the upper Northeast portions of the United States get. Seriously, just look at this mess! Even a hairdryer won't help.








Saturday, March 1st 2008


Nothing tastes better on a warm Spring day than melted ice cream... truck.

Yeah, this is some sort of high-end street art, so let's just leave it at that before somebody thinks too much and gets 'brain freeze'. Hahaha, get it?

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